Gibson Cash
Vital statistics
Position Middle cat (when he was alive)
Age 6 years (when he died)
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Bigger than Random Kitty but smaller than Sylvester
Weight Unknown

Gibson Cash was a white fluffy cat who was born in 2010. On March 28th, 2016 he became a father of Random Kitty's kittens. A few days later, he sadly died at the age of 6 years due to a bladder infection (he has had a history of bladder and urinary infections). He will forever hold a special place in the hearts of those who loved him.

He left a paw print in our hearts that will never be filled again...

Rest In Peace

Gibson Cash

He will be missed....Gibson, also known as Gibby, was a Lynx Point Ragdoll cat known as the main protagonist, later minor character of the YouTube series "Talking Kitty Cat" made by Steve Cash. He made his debut in Episode 5.5, "Meet Gibson!", where Steve picked him up from another owner who made an ad on Craigslist for Gibson. Overall, Gibson made 27 appearances in the series, being the last one on Episode 47, "What No One Saw Coming!".

Gibson suffered from health problems and multiple urinary and kidney infections. He would even bleed from his genitals sometimes when this happened, it showed he needed immediate care. On April 3rd, 2016, Gibson passed away after battling his urinary problems for years. However, before his demise, he mated with Random Kitty and they had 5 kittens (The Random Gibsons). 4 of them were sold but Random chose to keep the grey one who would later be known as Gibbyson. Preferences & Fears

  • Gibson liked: Steve; Random Kitty; Shelby, as well as giving her backrubs; Sylvester (occasionally); hiding; Heavenly Noms (his treats); wet cat food and tuna;
  • Gibson disliked: the outside world; The Landlord; being neglected; Todd; when Sylvester was violent with him; bath time; Iggy Pop; spooky heads; bad dreams; something that walks on him;
  • Gibson feared: Todd; spiders.

Trivia Edit

  • Gibson was the 3rd pet Steve owned and was with him for 6 years;
  • According to Sylvester's full diary.Gibson had schizophrenia. This is a good explanation for him frequently screaming "HELP" and "TODD", as one of a few symptoms of schizophrenia is hallucinations and/or inability to distinguish thoughts from reality. Gibson may have had hallucinations, and saw Todd, and was crying for help because he believed Todd was going to kill him, but due to his limited speech, he couldn't get the signal to anybody, and it came out as begging to help a guy named Todd.
  • Gibson was very playful and active when he was a kitten, and still was when a little older.
  • Unlike Sylvester, Gibson was more friendly to people he knew, unless they scared or tormented him, to which he would run away and hide, only occasionally fighting back when Sylvester attacked him;
  • Gibson was the artist for his song, "Scary Scary World";
  • Gibson and Random Kitten apparently fell in love, shortly after which they mated and had five kittens together in 2016;
  • Gibson sadly passed away on April 3, 2016. The cause cited was a bladder infection;
  • He became a grand father about a year (almost 2 years) after he died.
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