Isabelle "Izzy" Cash was a kitten who belonged to Steve Cash's mother. Izzy only made 3 appearances in the Talking Kitty Cat series. The episodes where she was the main character were "Talking Kitty Cat 29 - Kitten Sitting" and "Talking Kitty Cat 30 - Demon Cat". Izzy made a brief appearance in the episode, "Talking Kitty Cat 32 - The Missing Cheeseburger" where it simply showed a memory of her. In the same episode that showed a brief appearance of Izzy (episode 32), the episode takes a slightly grim turn as we discover that Izzy was abducted. Though nothing is known about who abducted her, many fans currently believe that she was abducted by Todd. Some people may believe that Izzy appeared in Talking Kitty Cat 34 - Save Gibson

Alignment: Good

"Help" is Back

In the episode, "Talking Kitty Cat 30 - Demon Cat", Sylvester completely loses his temper and begins screaming at Izzy furiously shouting at her "DIE! YOU WILL DIE!". Steve picks up Izzy and quickly rushes her to his room to keep her safe. When Steve makes it into his room and places Izzy on his bed, Izzy begins saying the word "help" constantly, just like how Gibson used to back when Sylvester attacked him in the episode, "Talking Kitty Cat 8 - Catnip addiction HELP!". Although nothing is confirmed,

Sylvester could have possibly made Izzy more frail and scared of things, causing her to only say "help", all of this is what happened when Sylvester began verbally and physically hurting Gibson. Gibson and Izzy were only 4 years apart and they loved each other very much. Sylvester and Izzy were only 6 years apart but he hated her. Shelby and Izzy were only 5 years apart but she chased her alot.

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