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Steve Cash (November 14, 1979 - April 16, 2020), also known as SteveCash83, was one of the two main protagonists of his popular sketch comedy series called Talking Kitty Cat, alongside his talking cat, Sylvester. Steve loved to hang out in the kitchen talking to Gibson and Shelby, indirectly bothering Sylvester.


Steven Carl Cash was born on November 14, 1979 in Oakland, California, later graduating high school and pursuing his dream of becoming a musician. Steve moved to Boise, Idaho soon after. Steve was the owner of his channel and has been seen and heard in every episode he has made over the years. Steve had lots of other shows on his channel aside from Talking Kitty, with the most popular being 4Steves. Steve had no common enemies and his favourite foods were McDonald's Hamburgers and Hot Pockets. Steve Cash also had a nemesis named Todd, who previously kept Sylvester as his own pet and named him Rufus.

Sylvester was Steve's first animal. His second animal was a Ragdoll cat named "Ibanez". Ibanez lived with Steve for 2 months before disappearing in December of 2008. Steve's third animal was a dog named Shelby. Steve's fourth animal was a Linx Point Ragdoll named "Gibson". He found Gibson on a craigslist ad while searching through the internet. Steve then did not have any more pets for 3-4 years before a 4th cat showed up in his Meridian residence yard. Random Kitty was found in Steve's backyard with no history and no owner. Steve decided to take the cat in and has had it ever since. Steve's 5th animal, Gibbyson, was from a litre of 5 kittens. Gibbyson was chosen by Random Kitty as the one she wanted to keep. At this time, Gibson sadly passed away. Steve's then 6th cat, GG, made its debut in Good News & Bad News.

Alongside his animals, Steve loved music and playing his guitar. Steve was in a band called 'Pause For The Cause', and he was known to be an extremely talented and accomplished artist and musician. Steve had also written many songs on his own, and like Sylvester, also had an ear for music--an ability that only a few people are blessed with.

Steve was married to Celia DeCosta Cash, whom he met back in 2009, for 2 years up until his untimely passing due to suicide in April 2020. The couple also had 7 kids together.

According to some sources, Steve was a Christian (Mormon).


On April 16, 2020, Nampa Police Department responded to a call at 7:31 AM to Cash’s house, Steve Cash had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, and the manner of death was ruled as suicide.

Steve's wife, Celia DeCosta Cash, shared the news on her Facebook page.

"This is so hard. I'm not even sure what to say, or for that matter, what to do. I just lost my best friend, my sidekick, my lover, my mentor, my absolute everything, this morning. I'm so sad to say, my husband, Steve Cash took his own life this morning 4/16/2020. It hurts me to share this. Please understand, give the family time to grieve, but know that Steve is no longer in pain." - Celia DeCosta Cash

The news saddened and shocked fans of Steve. Many came out to pay tribute, including YouTuber Kardinal. Quince making a speedpaint tribute to Steve Cash. YouTuber Phantoms In Cold blood made a tribute to Steve Cash with the song "Frozen in Time", the same song Steve used to pay tribute to his cat Gibson when he passed away in April 2016. YouTuber TheMeanKitty also made a tribute video for Steve Cash, thanking him.

Steve's final Talking Kitty Cat video was posted on December 30, 2019, titled Sylvester Goes To Court. It was the 69th episode in the Talking Kitty series. After Steve's death, many people went to the comment sections of Steve's videos, especially the final one, to pay their tributes.

Steve suffered from bipolar disorder, and he was very open about it, especially mentioning it in the final Talking Kitty episode.

What Steve Liked

What Steve Disliked

  • Forgetting to buy wet food
  • Being considered 'whipped' by Sylvester
  • Todd McNaab
  • Death threats from Sylvester
  • Sylvester's complacency
  • Shelby being disobedient
  • Cold Hot Pockets
  • Heidi (possibly)
  • Sylvester being evil and grumpy
  • Being called Todd or Mom
  • Violence
  • Drama
  • Lies
  • Missy being angry and attacking him
  • Random Kitty slapping his fingers
  • Sylvester putting himself on Craigslist
  • Clear wire
  • The way Gibson yawned
  • The way Random Kitty yawned
  • Getting Evicted
  • Rap
  • Losing Ibanez
  • Gibson's Death
  • His own suicidal thoughts (went against him)


  • Steve has had his channel, Talking Kitty Cat (SteveCash83) for 12 years.
  • Most of the time, Steve got angry at Sylvester when he didn’t do things his way.
  • Steve was an entrepreneur of Guitar music and also had a wife named Celia. Celia was rarely seen in the Talking Kitty videos, apart from being married to Steve.
  • Unlike Sylvester, Steve was more friendly and kind-hearted to people he remembered.
  • Steve’s favorite restaurant was McDonald's.
  • Steve had 4 different personalities for his 4Steves series. The bottom left Steve was the leader, the bottom right Steve was bottom left Steve’s right-hand man, and the smart geek and more recently the Steve who played the music, the top left Steve was the prankster and finally, the top right Steve was the dimwitted and extremely gullible Steve.
  • Steve has been called a dork once by Sylvester on Sylvester’s blog.
  • Steve Cash will return on September 22nd 2021 according to an E-mail I got from Celia (Quote: @TheIndonesianMPV222).
  • Steve played in a band called 'Pause For The Cause'.
  • The Talking Kitty Cat series on Steve Cash's channel is similar to the Garfield comic strips and cartoons that appear in every media, with Steve Cash, Shelby, Gibson, and Sylvester playing similar roles to Jon Arbuckle, Odie, Nermal, and Garfield from the comic strips. The main characters of the Talking Kitty Cat series are based on Disney's The Lion King franchise.
  • Steve revealed he had been suffering from bipolar disorder in a response to a comment on Instagram.
  • Steve lived with his cats and his then-girlfriend in Meridian, Idaho for a majority of the Talking Kitty Cat series before moving to Nampa, Idaho in December 2016 until his death in April 2020.
  • In Talking Kitty Cat 51 - Kicked Out!, Steve reveals the address of his Meridian home when he shows the eviction notice.
  • Steve had a trolling persona under the name of Bubbapinkler, which was active between mid-2008 to early-2010.
  • Steve Cash died Thursday morning, April 16, 2020, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest (however, when his death was first announced, it was instead reported that law enforcement stated that Steve had actually sustained and died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head. Such a statement proved controversial, considering the report from Steve's neighbors stating that there was only one shot fired, and that moreover, there had only been one gunshot wound present according to the Canyon County Coroner). It was also preliminarily mentioned that Steve's wife, Celia DeCosta Cash had found him deceased before calling emergency services herself, although this was not the case). Celia later announced his death on Facebook on Friday morning.