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The Talking Kitty Cat show is a YouTuber produced series created by the YouTube user, SteveCash83. The series usually revolves around Steve, the owner, going through everyday life, but there's a twist that makes his life not so "everyday"; his cats have the ability to speak to him. Whether it be trying to hold a conversation with Random Kitty, having to confront or simply ignore Sylvester's problematic attitude, or even try to find out who "Todd" is, Steve's pets always have something going on that he has to deal with.

The series made its debut on March 3rd of 2008, and it continues to produce new episodes today. The creator and producer of the series, Steve Cash, is a man that follows the saying 


"Quality over quantity", meaning the release of new TKC episodes are entirely up to him; he does not follow any video deadlines, meaning he doesn't have a description on his channel that claims "New video released every week!". Steve would be seriously appreciative of his viewers to remain patient with him, he is the only one who works on the production of the series (with the help of his pets providing him footage).

DISCLAIMER: This Wiki is NOT ran by Steve Cash himself, nor has its existence been acknowledged by him (as far as we know at least). The efforts that are put into this Wiki are done by viewers of the series, fans, and just anyone else who possesses knowledge on the series. Edit

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Talking kitty cats by luthien black-d7w6j4z

Fan art of Sylvester and Gibson by luthien-black.

Gibson and selvester by icecatdemon-d35fvc6

Fan art of Gibson and Sylvester as anamorphic human cats. Art by IceCatDemon

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