The Random Gibsons

The Random Gibsons listening to Steve

The Random Gibsons were a collection of five kittens who were all born at the same time. The parents of them are Random as the mother, and Gibson who was the father. They made their debut in the episode, "Talking Kitty Cat 47 - What No One Saw Coming!". When only counting the videos where they were all together, the Random Gibsons made four appearances; their final episode together being "Talking Kitty Cat 50 - How To Piss Off A Cat" where four out of the five Random Gibsons were given up for adoption.

Alignment: Good Edit

Ability Type: Power

Why Did They Go? Edit

During the time they were growing up, Steve had already made plans for them. During the time the entire family was living in their rented house, their landlord instructed them to only have two pets or less in the house, so keeping them all just wasn't an option because if they did keep them, they would've had a total of eight pets roaming around the house. The Random Gibsons couldn't be given away so soon though, they had to be at least 8 weeks old before putting them up for adoption. Eventually, the episode "Talking Kitty Cat 50 - How To Piss Off A Cat", was uploaded, where it showed all of the Random Gibsons now nearly 10 weeks old. During adoption, four out of the five Random Gibsons were adopted by other people who were willing to offer them a good home. Steve gave Random the opportunity to choose which kitten she wanted to keep, the kitten being the solid gray one who we would later come to know as "Gibbyson".

The KittensEdit


Baby (Thug kitten)

The Gibson twins

Shy gibson kitten

The Cute Days!

There Was an Video Called

Talking Kitty Cats 47 - What No One Saw Coming

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