Todd McNaab
Todd MacNaab
Todd staring into the camera
Vital statistics
Position Former owner of Rufus
Age Possibly older than Steve Cash
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Todd McNaab is the true main antagonist and the primary villain of the Talking Kitty Cat series, and Steve Cash's nemesis (along with Gibson, Shelby, Random Kitty, and Gibbyson). His latest appearance was in A Cat's Revenge when Sylvester brought Todd to their house in retaliation of the lack of wet food.

Background Edit

Todd McNaab is a cynical, lower class cat owner of Sylvester [or as he knows him by "Rufus"] He lives in a scrap yard and has many cats. He is abusive to his cats and is Gibson's worst nightmare. He also used to own Sylvester and named him Rufus. In the episode "Where's Gibson?", Todd kidnapped Gibson and held him in a cage at his house in a scrap yard. In the following episode, Steve and Sylvester rescue Gibson from Todd. In Talking Kitty Cat 13: The Lost Footage, Sylvester's real name Rufus, is revealed, as is Todd's face. Before Ibanez was gone for good, him and Sylvester used to visit his house every day, leaving Steve´s house to get food. One day, Sylvester returned to Todd´s, only to find out Ibanez ran away. But despite that, Sylvester could still still hear him in his basement. That was the last Sylvester heard of Ibanez.

Alignment: Evil

Ability Type: Power

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Other Information Edit

Todd is an actor hired by Steve for dramatic purposes. From 2011 until 2015, a Where's Rufus? website run by Steve was available on the internet. As of December 25, 2015, the site leads to's "Site Frozen" page. Talking Kitty Cat's 13th episode was hosted on the site however it has been uploaded by multiple YouTube users. Todd's full name was revealed in Gibson's "Scary Scary World" song, Todd's full name is Todd McNaab. This was confirmed in Sylvester's blog post in his blog "Life As A Cat"

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